Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Black & Gold Invitation

I don't want to give too much away from the work we did last week as the invitations are going out this week - but I had to at least post a little taste. This event, as you can probably tell, is sponsored by an alcohol brand and will be featuring special performances by some great hip hop artists. The colors they wanted to use were brand-specific and not a typical colorway for us - black and gold - but I was surprised at how much I loved the combo - especially in letterpress. We used Somerset Black Velvet paper - 100% cotton, super soft to the touch, and just beautifully rich - on both the back and the front. We then used two layers of matboard as the core and gilded the edges. The end result is a super thick invitation. Super thick as in - you could serve drinks on this thing. We made the envelopes specifically for this invitation, and they were probably my favorite part. It was definitely a different kind of job for L&H, but I am thrilled with the way they turned out and how quickly we were able to make it happen for them. I hope to be able to show you the entire piece next week, after the event, which we were gratiously invited to attend. ps - Fashion mayday! What does one wear to a hip hop party?


Jane said...

ooh, i like this envelope! look forward to seeing more.

and i can offer no help in the hip hop party clothes department. sorry.

Anonymous said...

Not much. hee..hee

Anonymous said...

You nailed it! That illustration -- big opaque bits with thin little bits -- is in my most humble opinion the only way to do metallics on colored paper.
It looks so, so good and given the time frame I'm totally impressed!