Thursday, October 9, 2008


Ask me about the best restaurants in Brooklyn and I'll come up with a list that includes different cuisines and price ranges in no time. Recipes though, not so much. But when I find a good one (not too many ingredients and no strict measurements) I do hold on to it. I have a recipe binder that is full of folded sheets of paper with recipes I've been given or have printed out from Martha and Real Simple. I just don't take them out that often. The problem is probably not the folded up loose pieces of paper - but it probably doesn't help either. Welcome, TasteBook. I recently came across TasteBook - via BFF Bridal via Brooklyn Bride - and I must say, this idea is genius. Even for a recipe horder, non-cook like myself. BFF Bridal brilliantly suggests ditching the bring-a-recipe-to-the-shower idea and getting the most type A bridesmaid to collect & put together a book of recipes for the bride. You can personalize it with pictures and it can be added to later. Love this idea.

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