Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A St. Barth's Wedding

I can't think of a better way to get your guests excited about a February wedding in St. Barth's than in an invitation. And I looooved working on this one. I know the bride from high school and love her passion for color and pattern (she came to our meeting with an arm full of color swatches! - which I love, MM!) so it was a dream getting to work with her. The bride's favorite color is emerald and was proposed to with an emerald ring, so we used touches of this color throughout - the most showing up on the rsvp card in the form of a conch shell. The attire for the wedding is Shades of White, so we used three different shades of white 100% cotton paper. For the main invitation, we screen-printed the text on ivory-colored linen - pushing the feel of a breezy beachy wedding. The set was tied together with a cotton ribbon and hand-stamped hang tag. The bride was very into the idea of mixing & matching, which I personally love as well - so in addition the varying whites, we mixed up the fonts on each piece and used a circular shape with a zig zag backdrop for the Rehearsal Dinner invitation. This was by far one of my very favorite invitations and am lucky enough to have been gratiously invited!


Jane said...

lovely set. i think my favorite piece is the circle/zigzag. my eye went straight to that in the photos.

Lizzy and Shannon said...

Just got mine in the mail yesterday! WHAT a visual and textural treat. You want to look at every detail and pet the linen and zig-zags. That is a serious party (/piece of art) in your mailbox.

southern daze said...