Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And When He Hides

Make you're own ! I learned in my color class last week that we usually use matching color intensity to our environment--meaning that if we live in Seattle of Vancouver, we keep our interiors more grey, more neutral. While if we live in Africa or the Caribbean we use vibrant high chroma colors. Maybe this makes sense to you (think coral pink + turquoise houses in the Islands), but it was sort of shocking to me. I just kept thinking about how when its grey outside I want to wear bright + happy. Well maybe our interiors and exteriors are different than our clothing, especially on a changeability level.

But I digress -- clearly this woman had the same idea as me last week on a rainy Manhattan day. Her yellow, red, turquoise, and pink ensemble stopped me in my tracks, and I don't think they would have on a gorgeous sunny day. Look at how her hat makes that flower bed and pipe covers pop ! Fantastic. I hope she stayed their all day (but stopped smoking) for all other passersby.

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Liz Libré said...

I love this photo!! Even those yellow hose caps on the building pop.