Thursday, November 18, 2010

iPhone Flip Book?

Wouldn't it be genius if you could export your iPhone photos to be made into a little flip book?  I know you can do that with Kodak or Mac, but I'm talking one step, here.  In other words, Mommy-friendly.  The easier & simpler, the better - because we're running on very little sleep.  I use my iPhone for the camera more than I do the phone these days, and I'd love a little book of all these photos.  Until I figure out how to get my little flip book made, I'll just post some here. Get ready:)


connie said...

He's SO cute, Liz! xo

Lisa Maxwell said...

I was also looking for this since a long time and I just found this free App where you can make flip books from your iPhone videos. I quite like this idea!