Monday, March 3, 2008

Coffee Love Hate

In third grade, our music teacher who wrote a lot of our songs had us sing a song called Coffee. The only lines I can remember are:

coffee is not for me

it's a drink that makes that makes you stay up late...

It's pretty fitting. I hate coffee. Love the smell, hate the taste. I've taken sips of John's coffee cup thinking it was my tea before and emphatically spit it out. I never even liked coffee ice cream until the other day when I had vanilla ice cream with espresso poured on top. Oh man, that was goooood.

After that yummy dessert, I thought I was a changed woman. So today I decided to have my first real cup. Real meaning a skim latte. Someone said it tastes like candy in comparison to a straight up cup of black. A little compassion for the novice, please! It's slow going down. I feel like I've got some serious halitosis going on. And I can't stop singing that darn song!

[above image that I wish I could call my own is from Simply Breakfast]

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