Friday, March 7, 2008

Luckily Friday

Friday! I am so happy it is Friday AND I am going down to Baltimore for a shower/bachelorette party for my roommate from college. I am SO excited because it is getting us all together, which is long overdo. I am the only one currently living in NYC of my college roommates and it saddens me. So I am just going to say I think this is going to be a fantastic weekend with the ladies!
Recently my bf's sister & girlfriend moved to the west coast: to sunny L.A. It is really sad not having them around in NYC to come over for dinner or meet up for a cocktail... and now C & I won't be the babysitters for Lucky. Lucky is their french bulldog, cutest little thing. And as we all enjoy some of the cold weather I thought I would share with you Lucky and her new life style and how she is living large even for her size.

Here are some of my favorite restaurants in NYC that they will be leaving behind for their new adventures!

I am trying to list restaurants that may not be on everyone's list.

Nice Dinners:

Mas(farmhouse): 39 Downing St @Bedford
Known for their great wine list and even better service. They have a tasting menu, but not everyone in your party has to do it. You can also select things off the tasting menu and have those as your meal. They are very attentive and I just love it.

House(The): 121 E. 17th Street (b/w Park and Irving, closer to Irving)
I LOVE this place and you can usually get a reservation. It is a wine bar too so you could always try as a walk in. Not great for parties of more than 6, best for 2, 3 or 4. Great food. I don't even eat mushrooms and every time I go I get a mushroom app. that they have on the menu.

More Casual:

Mexicana Mama: 47 E. 12th St (b/w Broadway and University Place)
You may be familiar with the original on Hudson St, but this one is just below Union Sq. and a much better layout. The margaritas are great, on the rocks w/ salt and Herradura Silver, YUM! They have this cheese starter, blanking on the name, but just ask for it.. oh and the special salsa, they rotate it every night, but never fails. CASH ONLY.

Piadina: 57 W 10th St (just E. of 6th Ave)
This is great understated Italian food. You can get the house wine to keep costs down and it is decent stuff. Great Caprese to start off with. CASH ONLY.

Gradisca: 126 W. 13th St (b/w 6th & 7th Ave)
This has a bit more of an upbeat vibe then Piadina (they used to have the same owner) and a little more to the menu. It is also fabulous Italian food, and GREAT pastas.

Pipa: 38 E. 19th St (b/w Broadway and Park Aves)
Tapas that are to die for and drinks to go with them. If you are a sangria fan or like mojitos then this is your joint. Great for groups, very cool atmosphere and tends to have a bit of a bar scene as well. It is connected with abchome, the furnishing store, so it has these great chandeliers hanging from the ceiling throughout the entire restaurant.

I have so many more, but these are what I am feeling right now.... I hope you have a chance to experience them if you have not already. Maybe more to come if I guest blog again.

It has been fun.

E,K&Lucky, we all miss you dearly. Run Lucky Run.... bet she never got that much room in the doggy park.

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