Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mother's, New Orleans

The food in New Orleans is off the charts - may not be my chart - but everyone seems to flock to this city for its food. And its open container policy too I suppose. Since I don't eat fish and am not a big fried food person, I packed granola bars - but luckily only had to "use" one. Everything you can think of from under the sea is on any given menu - and it's likely fried. Like alligator. Yup. The guys were excited to try this charmer. I was hesitant, but realized I'll likely never have a chance to try it again and gave it a go. And as all fried food tastes to me, it tasted like batter. Which actually wasn't all that bad. (You get used to everything coming buttered or fried, having whole milk instead of skim, and grabbing more napkins for your greasy fingers.)

One of my favorite stops was Mother's. You'll have to wait in a long line, but the food will be even better when you finally get to eat it. Mother's is the reason I'll be making biscuits tomorrow. Mmm.

More pics and places to visit coming soon.

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