Thursday, March 20, 2008


Inspiration is all around me. I find it in the blog world, in fashion, in art, in friends, in family - sometimes from the Nike Women's catalog. I mean, have you seen those women? They are ripped! While flipping through the catalog the other day, I came across these Game Day bands. I know they are probably a total marketing ploy and kind of cheesy - but they got me. Especially when I thought of my best friend who is training for the South Africa Ironman, which takes place next month. You know what that means right? Swim for like 2.2 miles, bike for 112 and run a full marathon. This is no dinky jog in Prospect Park. She has been intensely training for six, going on seven months and is an inspiration to me beyond words.

So while I truly believe inspiration is all around us - we probably only see it when we open our eyes to it. In the case of my best friend, I barely need to blink to feel it. And as cheesy as it may be to someone else to have a "pride" band dangling from my wrist, I don't think it could hurt to have a little reminder of that feeling everywhere I go.

You're almost there, Jen! I'm so proud of you.


Anonymous said...

Who is doing the iron man? Do I know them? That's awesome. Freddie did a half one and she loved it!

Liz Libré said...

Hi Marie - It's Jen Sall. She's about a month away now. Crazy!

Anonymous said...

That is so freakin' awesome. Tell her good-luck. She is one tough cookie!