Friday, March 21, 2008

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Since John has decided not to post his usual Fridays with John in order to get some much needed cleaning in (and when does this ever happen?) I've decided to step in and post instead, albeit a bit late.

You may have noticed a few days lapsed this week without posting. We're fine. (Thanks for your concern, Kel.) We were actually on a little break in New Orleans with a couple friends of ours from Boston. And since we left you high and dry, I'll have some make up posts coming this weekend - since we'll be working anyway - in between walking Kinglsey and eating Easter chocolate and what not.

A snapshot above to start things off. I'm in full wedding swing. I don't normally do graphic-y type of invitations, but I recently saw a zig zag design that I really love. And I'm kind of embarrassed to say that that design was on... a rug. A really beautiful dhurrie actually. One I'd love to own, but is sadly is out of the price range. So when I was on the subway the other day (a place I do some of my best brainstorming - is this just me?) I quickly sketched this zig zag design down and then fleshed it out on paper. Needs some more attention - but I like the idea.

New Orleans pics, tips, reactions and interesting food finds (ever ate alligator?) coming this weekend...

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southern daze said...

We moved to Shreveport, LA about three years ago from North Carolina and quickly learned about Cajun cooking. I'm still not a huge fan of how everything is fried and have yet to become a crawfish fan but must admit they make some of the best gumbo and jambalaya I've even tasted! As for alligator, I've tried it and didn't think it tasted all that different from chicken. Hopefully you stopped into Cafe Du Monde for some fresh beignets while you were exploring New Orleans. Now those things are tasty!