Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blind Letterpress

I have a petting reflex when it comes to letterpress. It's hard for me not to pet any letterpress piece I touch. And recently, I've been using the impression part of letterpress to create patterns on the paper without any ink - a blind letterpress printing process that makes for some really intricate detail that becomes a backdrop on the page. The images above are from a christening invitation I just did. I wanted it to be mostly white without being spare, so I drew this subtle cross pattern I found on a christening gown and translated it on paper to have the appearance of lace. And because the drawing itself is not a perfectly clean and straight graphic, it doesn't become stale or look mechanic, but appears more playful while still being quite elegant. Can you tell I'm pretty pleased with myself over this one? :) I think it just might be my favorite thing I've done to date.

(Full image to come soon - don't want to give too much away before they reach guests overseas!)


Alicia said...

Those are really gorgeous! I also LOVE the oysters and the dog is pretty darn cute too... Great work!

Alicia said...

Check these out - just found them on Etsy and they reminded of your creation.
I like yous better!

Mariss said...

Gorgeous--subtle, charming and refined, while having that "human" element I love. Great work, you guys are doing such cool stuff :)