Friday, February 22, 2008

The Burger Joint

This may look like your college burger joint, except that it's nestled in the lobby of a ritzy New York City hotel. (Not seen here are the veneer walls opposite - which really take me back to our beloved days at the Bates College Den.) Our friends Julia & John took us to the Burger Joint in the Parker Meridian Hotel of all places. I thought Corner Bistro had locked in the no-frills burger & beer served on paper plates type of place. Not so fast. The burger here was juicier and came neatly wrapped in butcher paper so it didn't fall apart upon delivery. The fries came in a brown paper bag - that J&J turned into a nice little cornucopia on their side by tearing into the bag while on its side. We'll be showing off that maneuver next time. Get the "everything" version and you get lettuce, tomato and pickles on top. Veggies for the day? Check.

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southern daze said...

It's fabulous, isn't it?! My husband and I stumbled upon it while visiting NYC last month and are still talking about it. It's the only place I've found the rivals the hamburger joint from my college days. Yum! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!