Friday, February 8, 2008

Fridays with John: Linda & Harriett & Facebook

In the eyes of some of our friends, Liz and I made it to the 21st century a bit behind the pack. Why, you ask? Because it's taken us until now to join...Facebook. Not really a big deal, but as people who run a partly internet-based business and who consider ourselves relatively "with the program," it seems like one of those things we couldn't let ourselves pass by--or be oblivious to. Not doing it, in some way, seemed similar to being resistant to having an e-mail account in, say, 1998.
So, now that we've joined we're starting to embrace it bit by bit. More importantly, we've given business a presence on there as well. At the encouragement of our friends Lizzy and Shannon from Dakota Martin, we've created a Linda & Harriett group on Facebook. For us, it's a new way to connect with our customers, fans, and friends. We'll be able to share news and updates with all of you, and in turn, you can share your thoughts, opinions, and comments with us--and everyone else.
I'm hoping to better streamline the blog with this group in the future. In the meantime, if you're a Facebook member (or thinking about becoming one), we'd like to welcome you all as members.
Have a great weekend. We'll be skiing.


Anonymous said...

I already spend too much time on the Internet:) I have historically resisted such places as Facebook and MySpace for this reason, but if you are all on there, I might have to check it out.

Lizzy and Shannon said...

LOVE IT! Shannon

Lizzy and Shannon said...

yes, we were thrilled to see our encouragement come to fruition!! Good luck this weekend!! xx