Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Designer Zoo

I was reminded yesterday of how tired my feet got at last year's stationery show when we were walking around the New York International Gift Fair. Up & down the aisles we went - and went, and went. If I had worn a pedometer, I bet I would have clocked a solid couple of miles.

But that's not the point. Like any gift/trade show, there are things that you pass by without giving a second thought, and then there are those booths you could just sit and play all day (sitting would have been nice). That's how I felt at the Designer Zoo booth. I'm a big sucker for all things Scandinavian - toys, linens, decorations. (People too - John is Swedish.) Love em all. This company was started in 2003 by two Danes and an American looking to bring their favorite Scandinavian things to the US. Voila!

And - you can visit their store right here in NYC or see their things online here.

[pictures courtesy of The Designer Zoo]

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