Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Inspirational E-Zines from Design for Mankind

How did I NOT know about this?? Design for Mankind puts out monthly inspirational e-zines - capturing peoples' inspiration boards/space and their thoughts on them or on their life. I am really feeling the need to do more of this - for my work and for myself. I think it's so important to have images surround you that you connect with. And then to keep that moving and changing and morphing. So I'm loving that I can now see how others do this - in one neat little package - thanks to Design for Mankind. Take a look at the second issue (and first too) here. They are free and you can have them emailed to you monthly. Pretty great.

1 comment:

Tommy said...

Those are awesome, and I love the way that person has chosen to display the inspirations. Those clips are so plain and industrial, but I love 'em!