Friday, September 10, 2010

From the {Nursery} Fridays: Drawers

Nesting is no joke, people. I recently told a friend that I feel like a cave woman. I just want to stay in, wash clothes, clean surfaces, and organize everything. Which makes me really fun to be around:) Last night's project was washing all the little clothes we've received. I lined the dresser drawers in some old L&H envelope liners because I couldn't stand the idea of all these newly washed tiny white pieces sitting in an old naked dresser drawer! (See?? Nesting! Or, crazy-head.)

Lucky for me, this same friend has decided to take Cave Woman out tomorrow for a surprise-to-me girlfriends day. I was told what time to be ready & to be hungry. :) I can't wait!


KC said...

Adorbs. Can't wait for the little one to be in that onesie... in my arms :)

Unknown said...

Both times I was pregnant, nothing was more satisfying than washing, folding and putting away all those tiny clothes. Enjoy the moment!

Abbie said...

I've been doing the same thing like crazy... and purging!! I can't stop purging. It's like I want everything to be simpler. And, I still have almost 2 months left.