Monday, September 27, 2010

Waiting Game = Projects at Home

 Waiting for Baby to arrive is both incredibly exciting & totally nerve-wracking.  I can't wait to finally hold this little peanut in my arms, but I'm nervous about the delivery and all the unknowns that follow.  Distracting me from these highs & lows are the home-improvement projects we've recently taken on.  With the help from a friend, we've made some changes to our place, which I hope to share with you this week. 

Besides the obvious improvements we've made (lighting fixture instead of hanging bulb), I've found that the act of putting time & energy into our living space and sometimes laboring & debating over seemingly small decisions make the space that much more special & enjoyable - a place that really feels like home.  And maybe it's part of my nesting mode, but I've also found that I'm more motivated & excited to do things I've been putting off.  Over the weekend, one of those things was finally putting something on the wall above the mantel.  (It's been nearly a year!)  The beauty of this installation is that it isn't permanent, so it will buy me a little more time while the room still comes together, but it also gives me the satisfaction of having something up, without it just being anything.  I love that so many faces/memories/moments can be found in one place.  So simple & makes me so happy.

More sneak peeks into our home improvement projects to come.  Assuming Baby doesn't come first:)


Tommy said...

I love it, Liz! This is so home-y.

Anna said...

you're so close! Hope you're feeling good and that the baby comes soon! can't wait to see photos!

Brittany said...

i love that! it's so pretty and i love that it's not permanent.