Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Home Improvements: Kitchen Shelves

Sorry for delayed post.  I was in the ER last night because I cut my finger slicing an eggplant!  Four hours later, all I got was a band aid.  How embarrassing!  Anyway, I slept in a little later this morning & went straight to my doctor's appointment, where we discussed how this baby is definitely coming out within the next week!  Eeeeeeeee. 

But back to my home improvement projects... 

Inspired by Emersonmade's pantry as well as Martha's kitchen, my friend Lizzy recommended putting in some open shelves on our blank kitchen wall.  She suggested white shelves & Ikea brackets that allow the jars & their contents to shine, while the shelves themselves almost disappear.  For containers, we used some large jars from our wedding candy bar, repurposed food containers & purchased some new Weck jars.  John was skeptical about the whole thing (What's the point of transferring flour to a jar when it works in the bag?), but ultimately trusted Lizzy.  The result is heaven.  I love the airiness of it, John has been snacking on almonds more than usual, and we now have drawer space for bottles & bibs.  All around, a big improvement!


KC said...

I LOVE the way these turned out. All of the jars look great. Can't wait to snack on those Hershey kisses I spy :)

Tommy said...

I'm glad that your finger is ok. And those shelves look great! I keep my flour in a big Martha Stewart (from K-mart a long time ago) cracker jar, and it stays fresh and is easy to scoop out.

pve design said...

Your shelves are super but so sorry to hear about your finger! Ouch.

Lena said...

hi liz!
we are doing various home improvement project too -i guess it is the nesting instinct- and one is open shelves! yours look great. where did you get the large squarish jars with the twist on lid? i want to buy 8 or so of them and so i'd like to find them at a good price. maybe just a good hardware store? i keep seeing the clamp lid style jars.

i will be thinking of you and the baby's arrival!
thanks so much for buying Brooklyn Diary.