Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ugly Duckling?

Is my brain going to mush like everyone says happens during pregnancy? And is my taste level going with it? Because these Quoddy boots from J. Crew look crazy ugly, super cozy, and really cool. I can't stop looking at them - and justifying my lure. They are in J. Crew after all, so how ugly & off-taste can they really be? I'm picturing them with some rolled up boyfriend jeans, a tank & a long cardigan. Mmm, so fall, so cozy. Okay, mush or no mush, I think I really like.

[image courtesy of J. Crew]


Jessica said...

They look soooo comfy! Even if they're a little unpretty, it's "pretty ugly" (isn't that what Tyra says on America's Next Top Model?!)

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frances said...

I don't think your taste has gone to shot at all! (or maybe I'm trying to justify my mutual interest...) These look like perfeccct fall boots. So cozy.