Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Home Improvements: Light Fixtures

For nearly a year, we've had more light bulbs hanging out of holes in the ceiling than you can count on one hand.  We were overwhelmed with choosing so many light fixtures & just got lazy about it.  It's the flour bag thing again from yesterday's post - if the bulb hanging from a wire works, why fix it?  Well, because it's unfinished, unsightly and unsafe. 

In steps Lizzy, who suggests using the same fixture for several of them.  But isn't that redundant or boring - or wrong?!  It turns out, it doesn't have to be.  When you choose the right fixture, it can create a little theme throughout the apartment.  From the hallway, to the bathroom, to the kitchen & the office, the Franklin Cage works everywhere for our place - without being chandelier-overwhelming or statement-making, or bank-breaking - all concerns of ours in choosing light fixtures in the first place.  And with a couple different bulb options, you can create different lighting moods, too.  Who knew?  Well, apparently, miss Lizzy did:)


Tommy said...

Schoolhouse Electric is so awesome! Great choice.

Lindsey said...

the link for the fixture is this
and the main site is
the link you have didn't work unfortunately. but i'm so glad i found it! i'm ordering 3 today!