Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Boss

This guy can rock! We went to see Bruce last night at MSG with a couple of our friends and we were all amazed at the energy and life in his performance. I mean, how old do you think he is? We had to look it up (thanks to John's iphone, we now look up anything we don't know - kind of cool, but also takes the fun out of the guessing and wondering) and were impressed with the answer: 58! I can only hope for half his energy. He played new and old, and you better believe there was no shortage of fist-pumping - me, L and the white-haired guy in front of us, included.

Rockin out to Livin' in the Future as we speak.

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Lizzy and Shannon said...

I swear I planned my posting before I saw yours! But who wouldnt write about the boss after seeing him?! Thanks again for inviting me guys :)