Friday, October 12, 2007

Philly Biz Ladies Night Wrap Up

I went to the biz ladies night meetup last night in Philly, the first one of the year. And wow, was it helpful. There were four speakers there talking about small business concerns, marketing/pr, wholesaling/retailing, and a personal success story. I only got to the first two "stations" because I had to rush out to catch the train back to nyc, but what I was able to hear was very good advice.

The best two tips I took away from the night were:

1. The Brooklyn Economic Development Center, which aims at stimulating growth in Brooklyn by offering all sorts of information, resources, and even seminars and training.

2. Sending out a simple email that includes four well-shot photographs of your product instead of sending a whole press packet via snail mail, that will most likely sit around or get tossed.

I wish I could have stayed longer to meet more people. I will definitely be attending the Brooklyn meetup in December!

For more information on the biz ladies night meetups, check out the events page on design*sponge here.

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nativekee said...

hi... i just came across your adorable blog... & i am in love with the little pigs! so cute....
i am very interested in learning more about the biz lady meetup & followed your link back to the d*s calendar... they, however do not mention a december brooklyn meetup... can you tell me when that is & where i might get more info, please? thanks in advance for any help you can offer! : ) kee