Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Marisa Haedike

I am a bit obsessed with the work of artist Marisa Haedike from Creative Thursday. I just recently purchased a print from her Twig that I am planning on giving as a gift:

I am so drawn to her use of negative space and her friendly characters that just make me smile. She even has names for her little guys - in the top left piece, titled The Gang's All Here, she lists their names in its description: Simone, Bunny, Hermalene, Bart, Petunia, Francene, Lovey, Imaginary Friend (aka Penelope), Helmut, Knut, Pearl the spider, Fern, Oscar and Panda. I mean, a spider named Pearl? I love it. I might have to take the whole gang home with me.

Also - I just listened to a podcast Marisa did with Decor8's Holly Becker and fellow blogger and Color Consultant of Hue Consulting Rachel Perls where they discuss color, inspiration, and their blogging lives and how that has influenced them and their work. Very cool.

[images from Creative Thursday and moi]


Katie said...

I am LOVING these!

Liz Libré said...

I know! I love the one that came the other day - but I'd love a series. AND I think they make great gifts. Or in a kids room? Endless.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz! Thank you soooooo much for such a beautiful post. I'm happy to have found you now, too!