Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Calendar 2008

I had been stalling on the cover of our 2008 calendar until I saw the posting for the calendar round up contest on Decor8. Besides entering calendars designers wish to sell, readers can win a calendar by leaving a comment "listing 5 things that you plan to accomplish in '08 that are helping/supporting others." I got to thinking about my own goals for 2008 and what my new year's resolutions would be... hence, our cover:

At first I was going to "blind print" my resolutions (not using ink), but then I decided that I wanted them to be seen just a bit more - a move that definitely goes outside my comfort zone - so I opted for a very pale blue. I'm excited about our calendar. The designs are simple - not a lot of frills. Have I expressed my dislike for frills? Frills being swirls & loopdy-loops - which just end up looking too stiff for me. Anyway - very excited to debut the calendar. It should be ready to ship in the next 3 weeks, so stay tuned.

And if you want to enter to win a calendar in the Decor8 contest, click here.


Jen said...

I love the cover of your calendar. I find it very inspirational and the design is beautiful. Can't wait to order it!

Liz Libré said...

Thanks Jen! I just saw the photo on your blog of your new little pup. Congrats - he's so cute!

Jane said...

i really like the resolutions printed in light blue. a lovely cover.

::kate aurelia:: said...

Liz! I LOVE the concept for the cover - so inspiring - I am a big fan of 'lists' and resolutions and overall starting each year (or each day for that matter) with a better perspective. Will have to get your calendar for 2008 -- I'll hang it in my new apartment! - Kate