Friday, October 19, 2007


On the way home from taking K to the park this morning, I bought these flowers and some festive corn to hang on our door. What I didn't realize at the time that I was purchasing two things that very much remind me of my mom - and on her birthday.

My mom loved the fall - the colors, the falling leaves, the pumpkins, the corn stalks. I can't look at a pumpkin without thinking of her - and of the trips she took to the farm where she grew up in PA and where they still harvest pumpkins every year to fill up our van with pumpkins that would be sold at our church fair. I remember that van filled with what must have been a hundred pumpkins.

Maybe this is why I love the fall too - why I welcome the cooler weather, the darker mornings, the leaves falling from the trees, getting adjusted to close-toed shoes again - why fall doesn't mean the coming of dark winter days and the same boring winter coat, but is more comforting and welcoming than any other time of year. Because when fall is here, it's like she's all around me. And that just makes me really pretty happy.


Katie said...

I have the same ties to the pumpkin, the festive corn, AND the gourds, she loved decorating at this time of year with the gourds of all colors, shapes and sizes. I love these memories because she loved to decorate.

MRC said...

Oh...St. David's Fair was just the other weekend.
My thoughts, love and prayers to all the Coulsons.

Unknown said...

A funny memory that I just thought about your mom was about your dogs. Remember how whenever your mom went to go pickup the dogs from the groomers, they would always put some ridiculous bows or bandannas on them??? We used to laugh and laugh with your mom and then she would feel sorry for them and release them from their new styles.

Liz Libré said...

Sorry I'm a little late replying here. Thanks for the thoughts, ryan and migarnier. I appreciate them more than you know.

Anonymous said...

I, too, cannot look at a pumpkin without remembering your mom.She would make her "rounds" upon returning from the farm with her pumpkins, dropping off a few at the homes of her friends.I would pull up my driveway,see a huge pumpkin or two at my door, and know my dear friend, Linda had stopped by to say hi. Always, thinking of others, that's just the way she was! Ronnie Bradley