Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Name for Number Four

My older sister is pregnant with her fourth child. I'm immensely in awe of her ability to handle three already - and because I think siblings are the most treasured gift on earth - I am thrilled for her, her husband and their soon to be four little ones.

They don't know what they are having yet and are very secretive about their choice of names. (Maybe it's because I reacted horrifically to a name they had picked out for their first, as if they could think it was anything BUT horrific after that. Ooops. Sorry guys.)

To make up for my 8yr old blunder, I thought I'd start a list of names - many of which have come to me from personalized note card orders.

I'm a big fan of these: Olivia, Ethan, Cameron (for a girl), Graham, Isabelle, Sabine, Grace, Dashiell, Dalia, Oliver, Eloise...

Feel free to post your favorites. But I understand if you want to keep them secret:)


Ria said...

Hi Liz.
I enjoy reading your blog. I just had to agree with your comment about what you said about siblings- they are the best! There is never a dull moment with them around; which makes life that much more fun!

It looks like you and John are doing well! Perhaps I'll run into you in the neighborhood sometime soon.


Unknown said...

Sisters rock and nieces are too freakin' cute! Charlotte is my only niece (until next month) and in our generation putting both of the grandmothers' names as middle names is the new tradition.