Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Candy-Making Love

I just learned about this shop opening in NYC (they're already in Barcelona, Tokyo and Amsterdam) called Papabubble. They are candy geniuses! I love candy. (Scary that I think I've mentioned that a few times in my young blogging life!) But I do. And the whole candy-making process fascinates me - the thought process behind it - which I'm sure is more than what goes well with mint? but that's what my little brain likes to think it's like. And the actual process of making the candy is a mystery - is it heated? baked? or does it just harden? So when I saw the work these guys do, I had to share my sweet discovery. I love the whimsy of their creations - the toohbrushes?! and the laundry?! Love. Their website is also very cool - check it out here.

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