Friday, October 1, 2010

From the {Nursery} Fridays: October Baby!

So yesterday was my due date.  Come & gone.  Which means... we're having an October baby!  A little pumpkin!  :)  My mom was an October baby, so I kinda love that they will share that. 

It's pretty crazy knowing that within the next week, we'll have a baby!  Now that we're down to the final definite week, I get giddy & feel like pinching myself every time I think about it - seven days!  Or less!  Are you a boy or a girl, little one??  Oooooh, I can't wait!

But first, I realized that I haven't told you my plans for the blog while I have the baby.  Sorry about that!  Been a little distracted.  I am planning on taking October off - in both work & blog life.  I'll post updates and photos here & there, but not consistently.  Not to worry though.  I have someone filling in a couple times a week, who I know you'll just love.  I'll wait to introduce her until... it's time:)

Happy Weekend, everyone!

[Photo above of me holding the first gift we received for Baby Libre from our good friends: little hand-knitted shoes.  Love!]


amber, theambershow said...

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to find out what you're having, too!

Desiree said...

Good call - to take off from blogging. I did too and have one week of blogcation left. Just remember the baby will come out sometime - my first was late too. Good luck with everything!

julia said...

Yay! October is a great month. The shoes are so precious. xoxox

JPEAM&M said...

(and John)
We are soooooo excited! Can't wait for the news.

Anonymous said...

yay, liz! so exciting ... hang in there -- soon enough it will be time!

ike was due on 9/29 and came on 10/4...i did a lot of stair walking during those few days : ).

jen jafarzadeh said...

so excited for you, Liz! and those are the cutest booties ever.

Tommy said...

Congrats!! I'm an October baby, too. :)

jane said...

so excited to hear about your october surprise! hang in there ;)