Monday, October 25, 2010

Vintage L&H Part One.

As I said Friday, I was searching for some old school L&H last week. And as I said, Liz and I share a deep love for the State of Maine. In our early creative meeting days, when we'd daydream about where our companies were headed + about packing up and pitter-pattering around on the cobble stone streets of Portland, Liz made me this. A faux moving announcement for my fantasy move. How darling is it ?? And see that clear string on the right ? For years it had a cutie little plastic buoy hanging down (sorta kinda like the one below), and it hung on the wall over my desk. When I moved, I ripped the buoy off so that it could lay flat with other things. But I love my little whale tails, and the dream of the move.


Tommy said...

SO clever! And I've always wanted to visit Maine. *sigh* This card just reinforces that idea.

About Lizzy :: said...

Yes Tommy ! It is a must (but now that you've missed the fall, wait for late spring/summer/fall)