Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vintage L&H Part Two.

I held this post off so that 3 week old Griffin could get some air time. And my posts seem silly with a little life to talk about, but I guess for now, back to moi.

This one isn't so vintage as the time line is concerned, but vintage in the sense that L&H personalized stationary is not just a click away like it used to be. Liz made me these beautiful flats on the thickest most luscious paper ever, in my favorite color (blue), with perfect envelopes to match for one birthday. My favorite part about them is how versatile they are. They are mature and simple so they work for everything from a quick hello to a thank you or a more serious condolence not. They are such high quality and so sophisticated I could send them to the queen, but cool enough with the awesome font that I could send them to the pied piper of hipsters (heehee. The two extremes of monetary/image snootiness). Like Elaine and her discontinued sponges, I take out my precious flats, hold the thick card stock, and think long and hard about whether or not the recipient deserves one :).


Tommy said...

*sigh* I know what you mean; I feel the exact same way with just about everything L&H that I have left.

Anonymous said...

Love! Will you post the link on where you ordered this?