Thursday, October 21, 2010

+ One More For Good Measure ...

Also from the nymag design issue :: Brothers Evan + Oliver Haslegrave's home. Brothers that work together and live together (if you've read Eventide or Plainsong by Keith Haruf I'm thinking McPheron Brothers. If you haven't + you like sad books, I recommend). What really got me was the outdoor shovel in picture #1 in place of a faucet. First to think of this, and then to repurpose the item without making it look kitchy is sheer talent. Then there is the hammer door handle + lock, and this amazing lofted bed. It says he did it so that his dog wouldn't climb in ?! Seems drastic, but the billowing sheets look fairytale like + perfect. And don't feel sorry for the pup -- he takes two steps up to the right, and gets a lofted bed as well !

PS. As a frame of reference for their work if you live in New York, they designed Elsa in the East Village, Manhattan Inn, and Pauly Gee's, both in Greenpoint.

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