Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Way Life Should Be.

Liz and I share a common love for the State of Maine. I started going to Maine at age 10 for summer camp. I spent 6 beautiful, perfect, innocent summers at Matoaka -- 1 Great Place (our actual address !) in Waterville, Maine. Then as you know, Liz + I went to College there, and Liz and John got Married there. Now I think we both just look for excuses to go. Lucky for me a best friend is getting married there this summer.

Anywho -- this new perfume " Maine " has gotten editorial everywhere. I don't even focus on perfume sections in mags (why do I care what you say it smells like ?! I need to actually smell it. Thanks.), and I've still noticed it nothing short of four times. And to be honest, I wanted it the second I saw it. I am very particular about perfumes, I layer two currently, and I already know I want it. Pllleeeeaaaseee let me smell like Maine. I see running bare feet, cool blue lakes, a sparkling sun, crisp air filled with burning leaves, apple orchards, blueberry pie, salty rocky coast air, I could go on, but what could be better ?

[Images courtesy of MCMC fragrances]