Friday, October 29, 2010

Get Candy.

In case this Month ran by you in a blur I'm here to tell you it's Halloween ! I'm sure by now everyone has fun plans and creative costumes, but here are a few fun products I've come across this year and have been posting on my blog this week. Whether for your own party or for your hostess... Above are "Cinderella pumpkins." Aren't they darling ?? Not carving friendly, but fairytale friendly for sure.
I'm also LOVING this "Vodka in a Skull." An awesome vessel for the whole year really. A friend said today her boyfriend wast trying to figure out how to make it a mini fish tank post vodka. I think it would be great as a bud vase on a shelf. You could also use it as a water jug for the dinner table. And if you're not one for skulls (shame on your if you're not), black vodka is another fun unusual option.
And off topic of spirits is this fantastic black toilet paper. It's amazing how much its the little things in life, right ?

And if you're up for a fun baking project I made these last year. A lot of fun, but a lot of time :). And if I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times, THIS is the best. Liz and I both adore him.

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