Thursday, October 7, 2010

L&H Blog Contributor: Lizzy Sall

I am so excited to announce that my dear friend Lizzy will be contributing to the blog while I take some time off to be with the baby.  Lizzy & I went to high school & college together, and we both majored in Art.  She also majored in English, so you've got a real writer on your hands now!

As you've seen in some of my recent posts, Lizzy has been helping John & I with some changes to our apartment.  She has a great eye, sources items & suggests changes we might have never considered, and tells us what stays & what needs to go.  As an expectant Mama, her direction has been critical to my nesting. And as someone who is challenged by making spatial decisions, she has single-handedly made my home a happier one.

Lizzy's talents cast a wide net.  She worked for several fashion designers before starting her own line, which she & her partner sadly but responsibly had to fold during the recession. She is an avid baker (did you see the pics from my baby shower??), writes for Sunday Suppers as well as her own blog Puddin' Pie, is applying for a master's degree in interior design, has impeccable taste and is just about the most wonderful person you'd be lucky enough to know & even luckier to call a friend.  I'm not one for superlatives.  It's just true.

I'm thrilled & honored to have Lizzy contributing here on the L&H blog and know that I'm leaving you all in very good hands.  Sit back & enjoy!  This is gonna be good!


Tommy said...

Whoa! She's a multiple-threat! What a stunner, too. :) Welcome!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Liz!!! You're in very good hands with Ms. Lizzy!