Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Simplicity is Bliss.

Speaking of simple design working well... I've had a Remodelista daily email sitting in my inbox for a month (actually, exactly ! September 20th), that showed the work of Michaela Scherrer, interior designer from Pasadena, CA (you'll die if you go through the projects on her site. Above is the tip of the iceberg). I am downright obsessed with these clean images, uses of white, and details of chroma and color. She really visually teaches that there is no "white." Everything is a color. Couldn't you move in to any one of these rooms ? Bathrooms included ? In love.

[images courtesy of Remodelista]


Meg said...

That garden door and warm bath look like bliss! Where can I find them?

Tommy said...

Amen, sister.

sarah said...

That is the kind of sink I wanted for my master bath. I love the minimalist, clean white look of the sink, floating on the wall.