Friday, October 15, 2010

Passing Through

Have you ever noticed some of our favorite things are those that last the least amount of time ? I was at a beautiful memorial service this past weekend, and in her Eulogy, the sister of the girl who passed mentioned that one of her sister's favorite songs was "Sacrifice" by Elton John. She said she particularly loved the line, "some things look better baby, just passing through," and that this line helped her when something she loved ended. Ever since I've noticed how many fleeting things are what we cherish most--like babies + sunsets, or fresh cut flowers. Maybe we give them extra attention, and they're that much sweeter, because we know how quickly they'll be gone. Soon babies become people, day turns to night, flowers wilt. Of course everything in life is fleeting, but some seem to slip through our fingers so much quicker. The wonderful thing is that we get them at all, and that they come around again. Another birth, another evening, another trip to the garden.

[images are a hike in Northern Cali Monday morning, my friend's sweet baby Will this past weekend, and the sunset out my window a few nights ago].

Have a wonderful weekend !


Liz Libré said...

You can't do this to a postpartum mom! I'm crying. Again, this is so well put & I couldn't agree more. Thank you for reminding me of fleeting moments.


Tiffany from HOLIDAY said...

I love your blog but have never commented until now. That was really beautiful and so true! xoxo